Last Wednesday was Aubrie's first day back to school.  She LOVES everything about preschool.  I think one of her favorite parts is the outfit & hair each day topped off with her accessories.

The backpack was a big deal this year!  We got a Barbie backpack because it was the last on the rack and she thought that meant no one else could buy it.  Little did she realize that Wal-Marts all over our area carried this backpack & other girls would match her this year!

This is the famous bell at her school and they all get pictures with it.

Isn't she a cutie!

After her solo photos I thought I'd get some pictures of both kids off to school.  Again Everett thinks his backpack is the best part.  Considering he's never watched an episode of Spiderman his obsession with the red man cracks me up!

Yes she has a death grip around his neck, but she loves him dearly despite his wild personality.  I don't blame her, I do too - he is funny!

Looking at these make me realize how truly blessed I am.  I have a beautiful family and my kids are growing up way too fast.  How did I become the mother of two preschoolers?  Then, I'm going to do it all over again - I just wonder what this next one will be like.  I know "Kris" will be just as perfect as my other two in a very special way!