In past years I slightly dreaded VBS week.  It was a full week of getting home at 5:15 to shove food down my kids as fast as possible, clean them up even faster, and head back to town by 6.  Then I'd go home and come back to town at 8 to pick up Aubrie.  I always had Everett in tow & it was a challenge.  It was just full on hectic in my house.

This year I am loving VBS!  It is the first year that both kids get to go & it's so much more convenient!  They are talking about Jesus & learning Bible verses - always a great thing!  They love their crafts & songs & think that VBS is the best week ever!  I remember loving it as a child too.  I am so happy that they are having a great time! 

As an added bonus, I get to have a quiet date dinner with my husband every night this week - I am loving it!  Even better, my mother in law brings them home for us since she is helping out.  Last night I had a full hour to myself because Jade was working on our rental trailer.  I haven't had an hour by myself in a long time - glorious. 

So thank you God for creating VBS.  My children love it and so do I!

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