Mary at Urban Farmgirl gave me an award!  She thinks I'm trendy - what an honor! 

I always thought Maggie was the trendiest one out of our sisters.  I always tried, but I was always "ahead" of the trend is what my Mom would say!  Whatever was the trend, Mom always bought me something she thought was a bit cooler! 

If my best friend is reading this now, she's having flashbacks to when colored leather bomber jackets were hot & I got a tan leather fringe jacket or when black Nike's were the coolest thing ever & I had black plaid Reebok's.  You catch my drift. 

The deal is I share 10 things about myself with you all so enjoy - and no they probably aren't trendy but hey they are about me!

1.  When I was younger I was OBSESSED with animals.  It was all I talked about - sorry Melissa for those phone calls!.  I loved cats and jumped at any opportunity to bottle feed a kitten or nurse it back to health.  I wanted to be a vet when I grew up.  Instead I met Jade & went to SIU & studied Animal Science.  Basically livestock was my forte.  I even stuck my arm up a few cattle rears back in the day - lube less - that's a different story!  It really is an odd fit if you know me at all, but I liked it.

2.  My feet have grown half a size with each baby.  I used to take pride in my small 6.5 size shoes & now I wear a 7.5.  It really makes me sad that I'm going to wear an 8 after this baby.  What the crap - I should at least grow an inch too out of all fairness right!  At least now no one will be able to tip me over with my feet that are not proportioned to my height.

3.  I still adore Snoop & Dre.  Call me old fashioned, but rap just isn't the same now days.

4.  I love mineral makeup.  I go with HSN ProMinerals - it is by far the best makeup ever.  If I didn't have wild hormones right now I'd have flawless skin b/c this makeup!

5.  I like some serious bling.  Again if my best friend is reading this - she's nodding her head.  The bigger the better when it comes to shoes, purses, & jewelry.  I like anything over the top and a bit gaudy.  It's just how I roll - I got that gene straight from my mama.

6.  I just like Mary am a salt girl - forget the cake (although I love brownies).  I could eat chips all the time - salt is my best friend & later in this pregnancy you'll be able to tell because I'll also look like a puffer fish!

7.  I love to change my hair color & style - thanks to the fabulous Maggie - it is now possible any time I want.  Plus, I get salon products at a discount.  This is why my sister is the business.

8.  I love my sleep.  If you knew me in college you know about the legendary naps I was capable of.  However, now I have kids so I don't get the sleep I like.  It's quite amazing knowing that I could at one time sleep an entire drive to Disney, but then turn into an adult with kids and sleep just a few hours in a night.  My kids sleep for the most part all night every night, but with a new baby on the way - I am kissing that good bye. 

9.  This is ridiculous, but I'm excited to wear my maternity clothes.  I got some really great stuff from Old Navy and expect to be cute this time around.  I am really looking forward to new cute clothes this year.  I'll be the size of a small barge, but hey I will be trendy!

10.  This is so un-trendy, but I bite my nails.  It's a hideous habit, but I think because I'm so busy all the time.  If I have a project I must tackle it immediately.  I always have 3 plans in my brain & I think I bite my nails to release all my nervous energy!  Terrible isn't it!