Today I hit 12 weeks. 

I am excited.  I am quickly approaching my second trimester!

Isn't this picture amazing of a real life size of a 12 week old baby.  God is amazing when you think about what takes place.

I have a small baby bump appearing that likes to slide my shirt up at unexpected moments, just to hang out the bottom of my shirt.  I think maternity clothes are very much in my near future!

I just picked out paint chips & ordered bedding.  A change of plans happened - Aubrie and Everett agreed to share rooms - only if they got tiny beds.  So two twin beds were obtained & new matching bedding in grays and turquoise.  They are very excited.  Everett loves turquoise as does Aubrie!  She of course got some hot pink sheets so that made her even happier!

It won't be long & we'll be moving them into Aubrie's room together - after we paint the walls - we think gray.  Which doesn't sound so much like me, but I love the color gray.  I want to find a lot of vintage letters & numbers to fill their walls and perhaps some art boards or frames to show off their recent artworks.  This will bring in the color I'm known for.  It will be cute and I think they will love it.  I'm excited to get to work on two bedroom redos. 

The babies room - it's still up for debate because of the ongoing - surprise or find out argument we are having. 

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