One year ago today my family was just dying.  Maggie was in labor and at the hospital for what felt like an eternity.  I will never forget how awful she looked because I wanted to cry.  I'm sorry Maggie, but you really looked like hell that night walking the halls!  I am your big sister and I did not like it one single bit.

But finally, after I had went home - around 2 AM I got the call that sweet baby Caroline JoAnn was here.  Oh and friends, she was beautiful.

Since that day she has brought joy into our lives with her big Maggie grin & beautiful Kylie eyes.  She is a blessing in every single way.

Already loved by Pa & Aubrie - her favorite cousin!  She was SO excited that day!

Rocking the cat costume!

At the vest Christmas party ever!

Rocking the mustache!

Supporting Kentucky the home place of Kylie's family.

Nearing 1 - she is into decorating magazines just like her mother!

Happy 1st Birthday Caroline!  Your Auntie loves you VERY much!