Aubrie Grace is smart.  Yes, I am her Mom, but she really is a sharp one.  She knows all things about "aminal friends" & I swear should be an animal Wikopedia the way she talks about meerkats & red tailed hawks.

Most of her conversations I can keep up with her.  She asks eighteen thousand questions and I usually have an answer or can up with one good enough to make her happy.

But when she asks about God & Jesus - I'm often stumped.  They are never easy to explain answers - they are because he is answers.  It's amazing how children blow adults away when it comes to God.  As adults we question and over-analyze religion.  We struggle to hand over our troubles when it's really not up to us in the first place.  God always has the bigger & better plan for our lives if we trust in him.  Children always trust in God and it's quite beautiful I think.

So last night we had the bedtime conversation.  It started with the I love you.  Then I say - No, I love you to the moon & back.  Then she says - No I love you to the stars & back.  This is how we do it every night.  When I said I loved her to heaven & back - the questions started rolling in.  She thought heaven was below the stars or maybe in the ground.  Then, she wanted to know when you die, how do you get out of the ground and into heaven because it makes more sense if you are in the ground to go deeper in the ground.  Also, why do you wear white in heaven?  

I did my best, but I'm not going to lie.  Her God questions are just too smart!  She stumps me every time.  The only time I wasn't stumped is when she informed me that Jade & I rode an elevator to heaven, did a one legged dance with Jesus, & rode the elevator back down with a baby.  I didn't tell her the truth that time.  The one legged Jesus dance just sounds better!