At 4:30 today - Jade & I are taking off.  We have a hot date!

You can find us here!  Literally we are in the nosebleed section right about in this area!  Jade is pumped - Cardinals vs. Cubs - a serious rivalry & he's prepared to root on his favorite team from St. Louis.  I am just going for the food, people watching, and time with my favorite person.

We get the joy of an over night stay - thank you Abbie.  You are now my favorite sister.  Tomorrow we have a sitter lined up for the entire day.  We may sleep in, we may go shopping, we may catch a movie - we can do whatever we want.  That's the best part! 

My parents dated each other a lot when I was growing up.  They taught me the importance of still keeping your spouse your number one priority in life.  I think this is one of the most valuable lessons they taught me.  There is a big difference between Annie & Jade as a couple & Annie & Jade as parents.  We need time together to enjoy our friendship & to relax and talk without little ears sneaking in.  Don't get me wrong - family dates are important too, but any opportunity to sneak away with Jade is my favorite kind of date!  Besides - one day our ornery kids will grow up and move out.  When that day comes, I still want to be together as teammates & best friends.  That is why I married him after all!