buckle your seat belts!  I think I finally found the perfect bedding for the nursery.  It is by no means traditional.

They baby is going into Everett's red room while Everett and Aubrie are moving in together in a hip & cool room coming sometime this fall.  So the nursery is staying red.  I really didn't want to repaint it and I like the color just fine & Everett has gray furniture that will stay and be super cute!  Now, remember I don't want to find out the sex of the baby, however that is still a big debate in my house - my husband is VERY stubborn.  A family friend is going to sew bedding for me.  I wanted something unique and quirky like my style, and something that is gender neutral.

Ta da - the answer is garden gnomes!  Did you laugh out loud?

Dead serious!  This fabric is fabulous!  It has all the red I need, it could be for a boy or a girl, and it's happy & vintage looking.  I don't really want a bedroom theme because I get sick of those in a year or two.  This fabric allows me to buy vintage & old things that I already like to make it work - even better when kids shift around bedrooms in the future, I have fabulous treasures to move around with them.  Perfect!

This is going to be the sheet fabric - I love the gnome with glasses!

This this perfection will be the bumper - one side red polka dots & the other a village of gnomes.  I totally dig it. 

So it's unpredictable & fun.  I'm excited & can't wait to hear from the family friend to know it's going to work to get this business ordered and in the works!