I am VERY excited.  Tonight my cousin Jared has came home.  When I say home, I really mean he came a long way.  You see, Jared lives in Switzerland as an accountant for ADM.  We see him a few times a year.

He is currently living quite the life!  He lives abroad and travels to amazing places in his spare time:  Egypt, South Africa, all over Europe - you catch my point.  He basically travels the world to feel up giant rhinos and take safaris - no not really, but who else can say they honestly touched a rhino?

He's also cute, smart, working, & single - ladies any takers?  His Mom would LOVE him to find a central Illinois girl to settle him down back home.

In the meantime he has brought home 3 European friends.  So tonight we are entertaining an Irishman, an Englishman, and a German - all while Mom serves Italian Beef on our family farm - funny no?

I am excited because Mom already took them shopping with my Aunt Jackie - her twin.  She said they are an absolute riot and tonight is sure to be a great time!  We are riding John Deere Gators, fishing, and searching for skunks.  Apparently skunks don't exist over there & they must know what a skunk smells like since nothing else in the world smells just like a skunk.  So wish us luck in our adventures - it's sure to be entertaining!  Also, hope we can stink up a skunk - where they can smell it, but not be personally sprayed - or Aunt Jackie will have a long drive home with 3 stinky Europeans!

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