OK if you saw the movie Date Night I hope you are thinking of the car scene & laughing because that scene kills me...now onto my story.

One of the best things in life is a date night with your husband & no kids.  They are just fantastic!  The only thing better is a surprise date night!  A date that you didn't plan, where you didn't get your hopes up and call 4 different babysitters to try to line the date up, only to find out it's Homecoming for something busy and you can't go at all.

Saturday night we had a surprise date night.  Jade's Mom took both kids overnight & to church the next day.  We were thrilled as were the kids!  So what did we do?

Dinner & a movie Saturday night, then we threw in a paint job & bedroom redo Sunday morning!

Excuse the mess - our motto - when painting - pile everything on the bed!

Both kids are officially sharing a room.  the furniture is in place, but there isn't a stitch of anything on the walls yet.  This will all change, but for now they are settled & thrilled with their new room that is now gray instead of blue.  Aubrie proclaimed Gray may be her next favorite color which made me laugh - she's such her mother's daughter with her colors!

They are enjoying their new "little beds" - more pictures to come when the room is completed and looks decent!