I am seriously SO glad that July is over.  I told Jade I believe it was probably the most stressful month of my life.  I had to make some big decisions & faced some hard ones too.  I'm just really glad it's over and that August is a new month & I'm in a new sweet ride.  I'm moving forward & I'll hit my 2nd trimester this month.  Hooray!  Things are looking up.

However, I realize oh my gosh my baby turns 3 this month.  My baby!  How and when did this happen.  Thankfully he still has those thick cheeks I love to kiss, but his legs - they are getting to be like a big boy - long and skinny!  And his tummy oh my gosh - where did it go?  He rocks a 6 pack at times and it blows my mind.

He starts preschool this year.  It was a big life debate we had earlier this year because he has such a late birthday.  Well our town has an amazing pre-k program through the school called Stars.  We were extremely fortunate since good old hair Blagojavich *I probably misspelled his name, but he doesn't deserve my time to google & correct it b/c he sucks* screwed the state - most of the schools in our district were forced to cut pre-k.  I still can't get over cutting school programs - cutting education!  Our town luckily fought hard & have ours for at least another year.  Everett was fortunate to get into this program.  So he starts going to school 5 days a week this month & will even ride a short bus home. 

Even though it blows my mind - I think it will be good for him.  He needs some structure - sharing - sitting still.  His teacher is my very best friend's sister.  I have known her since 2nd grade & she's like a sister to me.  I'm thrilled that she will have my son b/c she'll be honest with me.  If you have met him - you know I need honest.  He's wild, and a class clown.  He won't be easy to tame - plus he's smart so he has that going for his antsy pants too.

Taken by the lovely Jamie from Pix by Jme

I also can't believe my beautiful baby niece Caroline will be 1.  She is about the cutest thing ever & I adore here like my own.  Seriously - where does the time go with kids?  Gosh I may have to go cry a little - man the hormones in my body are outrageous right now! 

Well I'm off to a full packed week of VBS & I may squeeze in some fried green tomatoes - fried food is my best friend lately - oh gosh!

Oh and since I'm squeezing in random - we have a trailer for rent - want some sweet landlords - call me!