Have you ever gotten a call from your kid begging you to leave work & do something crazy?

Monday Jade decided to work for the morning. When you own your own business - the normal holiday rules don't apply! So around 10 he got that phone call. Aubrie begged him to take her to the zoo, and he came home.

Oh a whim, we decided to head to St. Louis for the afternoon and visit the zoo. It was a great split second decision!

You are NEVER too old to carousel.  Jade rode the hyena & Aubrie the snow leopard.

Everett rode the zebra while I stood by him.  I was under strict orders NOT to touch him.

Can you see the two monkeys hiding under the blanket?  Everett does!

Train rides were a must!

A little sweaty, but a nice breeze.

Aubrie couldn't get over the lions!  She rocked her prescription sunglasses all day!  Thank you Zenni optical!

What kind of parents are we?  We promote pictures with huge snakes!

Elephants - check!

Smudged sunglasses - check!

The cool atmosphere of the penguins - priceless!

A limited amount of visitors in the penguin house at a time - EVEN better!

Up close & personal viewing of the penguins swimming was sure to get lots of giggles & even splashed!

It was a perfect day!  Top it off that my kids were VERY well behaved!  I think Disney will be a piece of cake now - other than the fact that I'll be roughly 7 months pregnant!