Well it's official.  Today I am 8 weeks pregnant...or that is what I think.

My baby still looks alienish & is the size of a pinto bean.

My uterus is the size of a grapefruit - or that's what my book says - I have to admit I can't see it so I really don't know!

Most Moms do not show yet.  However, I am unique.  I am short waisted and having my third baby.  So I am packing QUITE the belly all of the sudden.  One day it was flat (or flat for me) and the next day - Ta Da - baby gut or to most people it looks like what Jade calls a pus gut - nice I know!

Next Friday the 16th is the big day.  I get an ultrasound & a head count.  Since my Mom is a twin, my brothers were twins, and two of my first female cousins on my Mom's side have twins - the chances are high for me.  *Twins pass down on the women's side of the family & fraternal twins are genetic - 3 of the 4 sets were fraternal in 2 generations*   I'd be thrilled to have twins, but I'll also be a bit shocked, but God has a plan right!

Oh and I do feel pretty good.  I'm more tired now, a little sick feeling at times, and definitely moody.  So really pray for my Jade because he's the one that has to deal with sweet little old me!