I am just thrilled!  My basement playroom is no longer an eye sore! 

This room is at the bottom of our basement staircase to the right. It's not obvious from the upstairs, but it is definitely a large piece of our basement.

We have two old school house doors mounted on the wall - one holds an old chalkboard.  I painted the insets & put letter decals all over the doors for the kids to practice letters.  They LOVE this!

 I got this fabulous work bench from a blog friend.  It was handmade by her grandfather & I purchased it from her after he passed.  It's just a treasure in my eyes!  I purchased 8 laundry baskets & spray painted them in fun colors.  This holds gobs of toys & looks so much better!

The kids have a small seating area equipped with bright sock monkey prints.

They have a hoop to play with.  Then, the table has a top that lifts off.  The under the top is a full car track.  So Everett is in LOVE with this table.  They have little chairs & could play here for hours.

Isn't this work bench a beauty!  Some people won't see it that way, but I see it for the old man that worked here and hand built it for his jobs around his house.  Bonus, it stores TONS of toys!

It has two big outside drawers that hold puzzles & games while the center drawer is neatly divided so all their flash cards & card games are stored here individually.

I am so glad Jade finally brought this baby down to the basement for me!  It's nearly 7' long & just has made a huge difference in the toy storage.  I am thrilled!