Dear friends - I have been busy!  Busy but at the same time lazy for me.  At home I'm constantly working on something, but definitely too lazy to take a picture of it and to post a blog.  What can I say - I'm pregnant & that's how I roll - at a much less productive pace :)

So instead...I thought I'd share some funny stories from my kids.  You haven't heard a lot of these & I have TONS more.  I just can't remember them.  They are wrote in journals at home - thanks Mom!

(Before tumbling - Aubrie had a band aid to cover her stitches so Everett required one too!)

Aubrie's Greatest Sayings:
One day she thought my Mom was sick & she wanted to take Mom's temperature.  So she said "Hey, Grandma, open up your butt!"  She had no idea adults don't take rectal temperatures (at this point Everett was a baby & we still did his rectally - both kids have an ear thermometer now - thankfully!)

One day I told Aubrie her Dad was ridiculous - I can't remember what the situation was, but trust me he was.  So she told him while I was out of the room "Daddy you are a dickless man".  The ridiculous part is - he thought I really told her that!  Talk about ridiculous and the perfect mispronunciation all in one!

When Aubrie was a newborn she was difficult to say the least.  We wore her around in a sling often because she would stay calm in it and sleep.  One day I took her from Jade to change her diaper & on her changing pad it looked like smeared blood came off the back of her head.  I started freaking out thinking Jade whacked her head on something while he was slinging her around the house.  Then I smelled her head & uh huh - he ate chocolate chip cookies above her head & one chocolate chip went into the sling & got mushed in her ultra thick black hair.  Nice Daddy.

Aubrie is a animal Wikopedia & needs to know every detail about everything.  One time she was having an argument with my Mom about the importance of seat belts.  She was probably 2 1/2 or 3.  Mom explained that it's illegal to not wear a seat belt.  Aubrie couldn't get over it - she didn't understand how the seat belts were Eagles!  Every time Mom said "No, it is Illegal" Aubrie would say "Eagles?!?"

Everett is just starting to say funny things - his moments are growing.  Aubrie still has a good zinger about daily!  I'm one of those Moms too that can't help but laugh so I have to turn my head or leave the room. 

My kids are all about the animals - and "aminal" facts as Aubrie says.  Just recently a flock of geese flew over at dusk while we were watching for bats - again Aubrie Aminal Wikopedia - and Everett pointed & said "Eagles!"  Jade said no those are geese & he stubbornly argued - "NO, Eagles!"  My kids apparently love some eagle talk.

Last week Everett snuck outside naked after his bath.  We live in the middle of nowhere far from the road.  So I found him by the front porch - pooping no less in the yard.  I said Everett what are you doing, we poop on the potty.  He goes "Sorry Ma, I gots the poops."  Enough said - he was right.