Ironically I am a mother & it is hotter than one here in Central IL.  To make matters even more enjoyable - I'm having major car issues.  My car has been paid off for a good year or so - I LOVE that.  I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee - I don't love that!  It's kind of purplish maroon & purple is my least favorite color, but it's 4 wheel drive and got me and the kids around fine.  We originally bought it for Jade then he needed a truck & I some how got the Jeep.  My dream Chrysler 300 was sold.  Stink!

So it's been acting up lately.  All the dash alert lights come on, then all the gages go to zero.  This is exceptionally handy when you want to know how fast you are going - or how much fuel is in your tank.  Nice - I know.  I could deal with the lights & gages - I drive about 10 miles a day mainly in the country.  But the newest thing is REALLY trying my nerves. 

I told Jade we'd keep this hunk of metal until baby 3.  Planning that when I go back to full-time salary I would immediately trade it.  April 10th is the exact date I trade this Jeep.  I can fit 3 kids in this baby, but trust me it won't be pretty - it is tight & I'm sure I'll cuss - sorry kids.  So the Jeep has made it a mission to make a liar out of me now.  It's new fit is that the AC won't kick on.  The fan will blow, but no cold air.  To make it just a little bit more enjoyable - ta da - the windows WON'T roll down.  So there you drive in extreme heat with no air and no windows.  I took it for about 2 blocks today thinking I was going to die.  I can't do this with my kids!  Then I run into a store to grab lunch, come back out and ta da - AC and windows work again!  What the what?!?

Our auto body guy is perplexed & ladies - he is good!  He's looked at it twice with no luck.  So our option is to go to a dealership of Jeeps & pray they know a cheap & right fix.  Or trade it.  I am REALLY thinking about trading it.  The timing isn't great, but we have to upgrade with a baby soon anyway.  This darn Jeep just HAD to test me!

So if I trade it my next decision, Van or Pacifica?!?  Or SUV & 3 rows of seats - ugh how to decide.  I think a van over SUV.  Then, I've loved Pacifica's for years & I looked at a few & I still love them - what is a girl to do?!?  Anyone have a Pacifica - love it - hate it?!?  Give a girl some direction.