My basement bathroom was one of those spaces that we decorated when I moved in with just something I had.  Which at that point in time I had a very large baby collection from Aubrie's nursery.  So we painted the bathroom a pink that you can visit here.  I love pink, but it just didn't fit with the bright yellow basement walls and the overall look I had down there.  Plus, this is Jade's bathroom - away from everything!  So a grown man in a pink bathroom daily was a source of constant harassment from anyone that knew him.  To save him some grief we went with a bold Caruso Blue from Color Place (Wal-Mart) #91433.

I have a large ship collection.  I don't know why, but I love old ocean prints with ships.  I buy them when I see them so they were in storage.  It was only fitting that they show up in the Caruso Blue room & they work perfectly in here.

I used orange accents to bounce off the blue which I really like.

A lot of my prints are in old gold frame which I dig - they are pretty ornate and I just really like the look of this bathroom now.  I need a few more accessories, but it's almost there!