Since I found out about my tiny grape my mind has been reeling...

It has been decided that Baby & Aubrie will share a bedroom.  Mainly because she's adamant that she wants to share her room, and since we currently have two finished bedrooms for the kids...I agreed that would be fine.

My next thought is how will I make this work if it is a boy?  I have some ideas, but just can't decide.  I think first things first is - what is this baby?  I think I want to wait until delivery to find out, but Jade just HAS to know - or so he says.  I think it would be good for the kids if they knew ahead of time - so we didn't have them both bawling if it's a boy - they both oddly enough are begging for a girl.  At the same time - people used to never know and they'd get over it.

So tell me this friends - did you find out the sex of your baby?  If you did not - would you do it again?
(Mind you - we found out with both Aubrie & Everett & I have kept every single thing they have owned in the basement - I'm all stocked up on blankets, clothes & bottles for either sex).

Basically I'm looking for a very convincing argument to flip Jade to my side!