So I have it figured out...

I got an email from a great blog reader, Tricia.  She told me that she got a tattoo of a tree & birds, because we give our children roots & then wings.  This sounds PERFECT for me because I adore trees & what a true statement.

I want something really whimsical and feminine on my foot.  I don't want it to be dark or thick and heavy looking, because that's just not me. 

I love only the top of this tree & would love it even more in pinks, turquoises & purples.  The bottom of it I HATE!

I also love the top of this tree & the trunk I like better.  It's obviously huge & I'm not sure how it would look shrunk down to my size 7 foot.

I have decided I want a J + A on the tree trunk & then a pink bird & a blue bird in the sky for my babies.  So now I just have to find someone to draw exactly what I want, or take it to a tattoo artist & let them work their magic for me!

I'm going Friday, July 2nd with my two best girls to St. Louis for the night & I've been told of an amazing artist down there at Iron Age.  So I am thinking maybe we'll pop in and see what I can do.  I may come home with an amazing piece of body art!