I apologize bloggy friends.  I'm out of blog steam lately.  I don't know why....

Maybe it's the heat of summer & the staying out in the yard late.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm raising 2 kids, taking care of my house, working out 1+ hours a night, working a full time job, and painting furniture for Ethel Edith on the side.  Either way - sorry the blog is lacking lately! 

It's been a lot of my family, but they are a big part of me & this is my journal to track the growth & changes in my beautiful children.  So if you are here for the house - so sorry - I haven't been doing diddly in it lately!  That's OK though because I love most of it how it is right now, so if you love it too - just know it's being loved as it is.

So what have we been up to?  Last night Jade & I headed to a Cardinals game.  Thanks to Abbie for kindly keeping our babies until 12:15 last night for us.  We are TIRED today!

It was a great date.  Jade loves the games - and I go along because I love time with him.

Plus, the stadium is quite beautiful and has amazing views of the city.  Oh and I like to people watch - so if you subtly pick your nose, most likely I watched you do it and thought sick!