When I signed up for parenthood there were a lot of things I didn't have a clue about.  So if you don't have kids yet - let me school you.  If you do, then you know what I'm talking about here.

I knew childbirth was going to painful, but no one told me it'd feel like a rocket was going to shoot out of my sacrum!  They also didn't tell me that when I would finally get the beautiful epidural - that the anesthesiologist would have to ask 500 questions before hand and that I'd mentally cuss him out - but never out loud!

I never knew how hard Jade would cry to see his first child.  Gosh - talk about fall in love with your spouse all over again!

I knew nursing would be painful, but no one told me that the baby may not nurse well for 2 weeks.  Nor that she would scream every time & that she came with full blown razorblades for gums.  That I'd have to do deep breathing every time I nursed my child in the beginning because it hurts so bad!  They did tell me it would get better though, and it did!

No one told me that I'd spend pretty much every vacation day I built up, taking my kids to the doctor or holding puke buckets for them.  That we wouldn't spend those days at the zoo or park doing fun activities like I dreamt of.

I had no clue that little kids are sick all of the time.  It's a fact, they are sick a lot!

I never knew that kids were so hard to discipline, that what works for one is guaranteed to not work for the other.  That's how it is in my house anyway.

They never told me that a sick baby is the sweetest thing in the world because all they want to do is cuddle all day long.  That I would partly enjoy my sick kids!

They also didn't tell me that when my kids are sick & I am lucky enough to go to work & not burn a vacation day - that I'd be sad that I wasn't at home burning that vacation day.

I never knew replaying the same part of a movie over and over just to hear my kids belly laugh would be so sweet!

I didn't realize that even if it's a terrible night of sleep, I still like it when my kids sneak into bed because i get to cuddle them.

When I was little, my Dad always said he'd walk through mower blades for us girls.  I always thought he was crazy - well now I understand.

I never knew being a Mom would change me so much.  I don't live just for me anymore.  I work to support my kids and provide them every little thing they could ever need.  I never knew that always super nice Annie would become so assertive and defensive when it came to her kids.  I guess I never really knew all the things that Moms were made of until I became one.  So thanks Mom for being my Mom - you taught me really well!

Oh - and both my kids are running fevers & have strep throat - hence the post!  Aubrie started first & saw the Dr. yesterday & Everett started today - he's going to the Dr. later this morning for his antibiotics.