There is a day in most of our lives when we become the "Big" one.  For me it was when my brothers arrived, but I was unaware - so it was really April 10th of 1985 when Abbie came into this world and shook up my life.  I thought she was so annoying & now she's my best friend.  Then I became even bigger when Maggie arrived December 19th of 1986.  She was something else & still is - stupid in a good way I say!

For Aubrie Grace it was August 16th at 4PM.  Her life changed when we welcomed her overly chubby baby brother into this world.  She fights like crazy with him, but loves him to death.

Everett has recently became quite sad and mad.  You see, he's going to be a big brother!  Yes you may need to reread that sentence.  He's going to be a big brother in February!  He is not very excited about it...yet!  He says "NO BABY!"  I think he'll come around soon!  I hope anyway - he's a Mama's boy so jealousy will probably be an issue!

We are VERY excited & it's early so we ask for your prayers.  I feel silly posting this now, but Mom is dying to spread the news and an abundance of prayers is never a bad thing.

Just so you know - I feel GREAT!  Obviously my 6 pound loss will come right back on in a hurry, but it's well worth the cause!  I think the last month of eating right & working out was a good start to "BaRecipes" life.  Yes - Aubrie is back to BaRecipe as the name.  Aubrie is beyond ecstatic and wants to repaint her room, get bunk beds, and help in every way to be the best sister ever.  I wrote that on here so one day I can remind her she promised me she'd be the nicest and best sister ever!

So, now you are joining me as I have to redecorate 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a basement - not because the baby - because I'm a freak like that!  You also join me as I further dive into motherhood, ditziness, lack of sleep, oh god the painful nursing, and multi-tasking to an extreme!

  Oh did I mention diapers?  I'll be back to diapers too!

Eek - so much to do - so much excitement!  Thank the lord I have kept EVERYTHING in my basement so I have tubs and tubs of bottles, blankets, and clothes to sort through!

Oh and if my feet become the size of flowerpots AGAIN - you'll see those too!  This is the good, bad, & ugly of my life after all :)