I'm so behind!  So my birthday was last Thursday and I scored some great loot!

This was behind my couch before.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but it wasn't completely Annie.

After Abbie painted me and the sisters for Mom's Christmas gift, I had been begging for my own family portrait & I finally got one!

(Apologies - I was lazy & in a hurry so out came the cell phone for pictures & you can tell!)

She made Aubrie's eyes big because in real life they are truly magnified.  Everett's open mouth kills me.  It looks like us all - in a fun & funky folk art way.  She just needs to add a goatee to Jade - I like him better with a goatee - he's got a baby face otherwise.

So I dig the new look.  It ties together my colors and is fun.  She's going to paint a portrait of each of my dogs next to flank the family portrait.  That will be the icing on the cake!  A portrait of Trudie - hot diggity I CAN'T wait!

Thanks Abbie Jane!

Oh and if you are wondering where that fabulous barn picture is, well I donated it to my lovely cousin Ellen.  I knew her heart would melt over it, and it did!