Thank you all for the well wishes & prayers. 

This weekend has officially kicked my butt!  We mulched every bed & tree we have - which is A LOT!  Then I personally planted about 70 plants & helped Jade mulch those brand new beds with all the plants I worked on.  Then, throw in a little more work - we took everything off our patios & washed the siding & porches too!  Nothing like having a party at your house to get your booty in gear hey!  But it looks great & the hard work paid off big time!  I am loving what we have accomplished!

Then, I had an excellent work day with the sisters!  Everything for Ethel Edith ready to show!  I'm so excited!  Going through our items just makes it so much more real & it's only 6 days away!  I'm really glad I took the plunge last fall & decided to start up this side business.  It's been so much fun with my sisters & my house has greatly changed and improved over the last 6 months - a win win for us all!

So if you are in the central Illinois area - next Saturday, May 8th from 10-3.  Come visit me at my house & shop all our goods - which are a plenty :)

Email me for more information.