I've been so busy lately, I've had a hard time relaxing.  So today I want to list the things that make me happy in my life.

My favorite flower growing in the woods by my house - Sweet Williams we call them around here - they smell divine.

My husband passed his surveying exam - he's a professional land surveyor!  He's my best friend and he's super cute & handy!  Plus, he has his dream job now - the fact that he loves it - makes me happy

The fact that I'm sitting here typing and Trudie, is snoring by my feet.  She sits by me wherever I go.  This photo shows off her younger figure!

The fact that a very long year - really provided us with an amazing home.  It still amazes me that my husband DID this!  Can you believe he built this whole thing!  Seriously - he should get a medal for that!

My sisters.  They are stupid in a good way & they make me laugh hard.

(Me, Abbie, & Maggie - For some reason all our group pictures has Abbie graduating - I think she is up to 7 degrees - ha ha - kidding sister!)

I made pretty babies.

Aubrie at her 2 month old baptism in her Great Grandpa Jack's baptism gown.

Everett at 5 months.  (I nursed - hence the shirt.  We thought it was ha-larious.  Abbie made it for him.)

Other things that make me happy:

My Mom.  I miss time with her now that I have kids that hog it!  Sometimes we get a day to go shopping without them and it makes me happy.  Plus, she was a lifesaver this past weekend and a huge help.  I heart her.

My niece Caroline.  Her smile is contagious & looks just like Maggie's!

My best friend Melissa.  My ridiculousness is matched by hers & goodness we have a blast together.  Last time we were together we had a cheerleading heel stretch competition - we bring out the foolishness in each other!

My blender - lately I make one helluva daiquiri - and yes I say it just like that.

Freshly painted toenails - seems weird with all the family friend talk, but yeah I like nice toenails and flip flops.

Jason Mraz and Shakira - what a combo of CDs that just instantly make you want to dance.

My pillow - I've had it at least 6 years and it's Perfect!  That's why it's brand is The Perfect Pillow - makes perfect sense doesn't it!

Snoop Dog - just saying - him and Dre can really bring it.  Wish I could play it, but geez I have kids.

The Tudors - every week - awesome television & like a date with my husband without leaving the house.

Popper popcorn with half a stick of butter.  Yes I just admitted that to you, but golly it's good!

Lots of jewelry & heavy eye make up.  You'd think I was 20 again, but I like a reason to put on some bling & play up the eyes.

Day dates - I live for day dates with Jade - even better if we get to spend the night away too!

Cardinals games - do I like the games - no - but I like popcorn & a date day - get it!

Hearing the wind at night with the windows open.

Babies cheeks - again random I know, but aren't they just so sweet to kiss when they are chubby!  I just realized I was sad because Aubrie lost hers and Everett's are going away.  Then, I picked up Caroline at the babysitters & instantly kissed her chubby cheeks!

You guys & your comments & blogs.  You crack me up & I dig our conversations!

So I ask you - what makes you happy?  Feel free to leave me a big old list like you blogged in my comments - guarantee it will make me happy too!