Here is the rest of our tree adventure to Southern Illinois.

There is a place in Giant City Park called Fat Man Squeeze.  When I was in college & quite small - I couldn't fit through fat man squeeze!  It is tiny!  Well Aubrie wanted to go there, but the thought of putting her through a tiny cliff crack freaked me out - so we went to a bank of rocks & told her she was at Fat Man Squeeze - she believed us.  That's right - we lie to our children!

She proceeded to call it Hot Man Squeeze the rest of the day & thought crawling under the rocks was the squeeze.

She had a special stick for spider webs. 

The had fun sitting on the cliff walls - this looks freaky, but Jade was right there and it was about 5 foot off of the ground.

Everett pulled out his standard hands on the hips pose.

The kids had a ball & it was nice to get out and get them worn down for awhile playing in the woods.

When we got home we planted our trees.  This is one of our two American Beech trees.  Yes - it's small, but it was totally worth the drive.  I'm thrilled that I got a picture of the kids by the trees so when they are enormous we'll have this to show them.

We also picked up a brand new variety of Magnolias.  This blooms many flowers and in pink.  I'm excited for it to grow large as well.  We planted it right in front of our front porch.