So yesterday we hit the road at 8 AM on a tree adventure.  We headed south to Southern Illinois. 

Pretty soon after departure, Jade got a speeding ticket.  The only joy in it - the officer had an amazing snoogie in his nose - how he didn't notice is still beyond  me.

Then we got behind this semi - hauling Show Chickens!  Of course I needed a photo!

Aubrie & Everett were pretty pumped about their individual ear phones.

Everett had to wear his hat because his head was too small.  This saved Jade & I the joy of Tom & Jerry for 2 hours in the car on the way there and on the way home.  They LOVE Tom & Jerry, and it gets old fast!

We scored our 3 beautiful trees - which I'll blog about tomorrow.  Then we headed to Giant City Lodge for lunch.  It was delicious & they had an actual stuffed buffalo in the waiting area.  The kids were really intrigued & luckily Everett didn't try to ride it!

We then climbed the tower which has 85 steps to be exact.  Everett made me a nervous wreck with these slats - he immediately ran to them and stuck his leg between the slats - which his entire body would fit through.  Why does my son constantly run toward danger?

We grabbed a few photos, I showed off my massive biceps, and then we got the heck off the tower before Everett gave me a heart attack!

More photos to come tomorrow.  We had a much needed great family day!  Also, if you ever need a cheap vacation with breath taking views - Southern Illinois is a great place to head.  Jade & I of course love it since we are Salukis at heart!