Maggie is totally right. 

I need to paint my clawfoot tub.  White is nice, but it's not me & I love the funky inspiration pictures below.  So riddle me this...what color?  Remember this is off my bedroom where I have a lot of green, turquoise, red, pink & orange - plus a tad of yellow.  I'm kind of thinking orange or yellow - thoughts?  Oh and if & when I paint this bad boy - leave the legs silver, go solid paint, or black?  Oh decisions are tough!  But I'm sure it's the right move!

I love this room - it's the turquoise & yellow I adore!  Plus, I really want that SINK!

Oh this room is just cheery & fabulous!  It's a lot of yellow, but how could you not be happy in here?

Ok so most of this room isn't me at all, but that limey green - yes I swooned!

So give me your thoughts, but if you think it should stay white - shhh it!  :)