Being a parent can be one of the scariest jobs I've ever had.

Tonight while picking up toys - Everett got the wild hair to hit Aubrie on the back of the head with a toy hammer.  It was one of those moments where one kids is screaming & you are so mad at the other kid you are overwhelmed.  As Jade was laying down the law to Everett I realized - oh my Lord - she has a gash in the back of her head gushing blood. 

So as Everett bawled in his room for greatly being shamed while we tried to decide - stitches or no stitches which made Aubrie cry harder.

So I went down to see the man who knows it all, my Dad.  He looked at it and decided we didn't need stitches, but to help seal it up we should super glue it.  You're probably thinking we are nuts, but after cleaning her scalp up, we used the glue & it has been much better ever since.

I then came home, still upset with Everett and sick about it all.  However, for the first time probably ever - we got to him.  He came out of his room with big red puffy eyes from crying so sorry that he really hurt Aubrie.  He was truly upset!  Don't get me wrong, the boy says "Sorry" all the time, but he never really means it or understands WHY he needs to say it.  It's a daily struggle with him to remember his consequences and why we don't hit, bite, etc. 

So Aubrie is feeling much better & got a prize snack back of Cheetos to cheer her up from my Mom, and Everett finally realized why we don't hit.

Now - I need one helluva daiquiri!  Thank goodness for Jade & his hugs!