Seriously guys - my entire life my Mom has worried about her weight.  And I always thought she was nuts.  Why did she care because she had Dad & he loved her no matter what size she was?  I never got it because I tumbled, I was muscular and thin, & I ate ultimate meals for lunch like it was nobodies business.  I never gained a pound.

I have become my Mom.  I'm not heavy by any means, but for me I'm out of shape.  I know if I don't get a handle on it now, that it will get worse & then I'll really have some work to do.  Last fall I lost about 8 pounds from working out and running - then I got out of the habit & it's all back now.

Here is a random before & after that is all over google images, but seriously - wouldn't you LOVE a before & after like this!?!

So tonight Jade & I start P90X, Shakeology, & watching what we eat.  So say a prayer for us that we stick to it and make exercise a part of our daily life.  He's 30 and fairly fit, but he has high cholesterol so this change is needed for my I love double cheeseburgers every day for lunch husband.  Plus, eating healthy forces me to cook healthy - good for the entire family!

So far everyone has told me I will hate P90x or I won't be able to do it.  So I'm really hoping to prove them all wrong & start my way to a more fit me that can rock the shorts again!  Wish us luck!  Tonight we do pull ups and push ups!