So it wasn't this weekend.  However, I FINALLY got around to updating my bathroom a bit.  I put in a bit of color - so it's more me.

Please don't tell Pottery Barn, but the antelope looks better hot pink!

The coat rack that holds my towel got a new spritz of turquoise.

As did my candle base which is really an old piece of architecture - love it!

You haven't seen this, but behind the tub is a little shelf to hold my bath essentials.

It's as cute as I can make it considering I need to use soap & a razor daily!  It also ties my colors together nicely.

I'm bummed that I recently bought new brown towels & tan rugs.  I thought at the time it wasn't me, but it went with the leopard I'm also rocking in here.  I may have to trade those in for some hot pink & turquoise towels for the summer!  I also  need a super sized painting in our toilet room to replace what came out.  Remember the old signs I had in here that now adorn the main bathroom?  I'm thinking a 4' painting of a plunger or a can of Lysol - done by Abbie would perfectly fit the bill.  They would look great with the funky toilet & tub she already made for in here.  I know I'm crazy - but that's how I roll - unexpected is my favorite look!