Don't let this sweet face fool you.  It's full of trouble!

Everett is my new constant challenge.  I can give Aubrie a look and say don't even get started - and that's it - tears & she's done.  She's for the most part easy.  Everett - not so much!

Last night was a rough night for me and Everett.

He threw scrambled eggs on the floor at dinner, he bit his sister in the bath-time, he broke the sign below off of something, he wouldn't sit at the dinner table - just constant struggle to get him to sit still and behave.  Oh and yes - Jade wasn't home so I was a one man officer.

So I first I turned off the TV.  No Tom & Jerry for Everett - didn't work.  Then, I put him to bed at 7 PM.  I thought - oh yes - this has worked.  Well at 7:30, out he came - for a second bath because he had rubbed Vaseline in his hair, and all over his face & arms.

That's right, my nights are never dull.  And - he still has me wrapped around his tiny fingers.