Today I'm going to share a big piece of me with you.  You know Jade built our home, but I've never proved it to you.  I want to share you a glimpse into a very long, but rewarding year!

This is the basement.  Jade put up each and every one of those concrete forms.  They are incredibly heavy!  I believe my Dad helped him.  It was the summer time & really  hot then!

Here is my hubby.  I told you he's a hard worker!  Check out those boots & the sweat drenching his shirt!  He's still cute isn't he!

Between the basement being built in the summer was fall.  Fall is dead time around here - my Dad farms and that halts a lot of progress.  So here Jade is framing the basement & installing the first story floor.  I actually was helping that day in my own Carhartts too.  It was at a point when Everett Mason was just a mere twinkle in my eye!

This is my Uncle Doug that you all prayed for last week.  I gave him so much grief that day for his neon yellow hat.  I could see him clear down the lane!  This is the day Dad kept wanting me to lift big sheets of plywood, but didn't realize I was pregnant.  I'd say it was sometime in December - must have been ridiculously warm that day!

Here my cousins & Jade are putting the roof on my house.  See that man at the tippy top.  That's my cousin Drew.  He was seriously like a mountain goat it was amazing!  It was also the coldest day of the year.  I can't explain to you how nasty cold it was.  Those men worked their butts off for two days putting up the rafters & sheeting the roof!

Here you can see that wow it's spring already.  The windows are in and we have a roof even!

This is Aubrie Grace in her very own closet.  Isn't she cute and still has that baby look to her!  This is even before the glasses - before her eyes started crossing on us.

This is my Great Uncle Bob.  He is my Grandpa Everett's brother.  He built this entire staircase by hand.  He was amazing!  I adore him for it & since Grandpa is no longer with us - he is my reminder of him.  this man brings his gator all the time in the warm months & fishes at our pond - I love it!

Here is my Uncle Doug and Dad again.  We moved in long before the siding was hung and the stone.  It was almost 8 months before we had stone b/c we moved in in October & it got too cold to do the stone.  I was so excited to see this red go up.  It was just perfect!  Uncle Doug helped a lot on our house - that's one of the reasons why I love him like a second father. 

So there you have it, a very short glimpse into the year of building a house.  Can you believe we really did it!  Maggie will build next & Jade is pumped!  I'm excited to have her as my relatively close neighbor.  We're even buying a John Deere gator so we can drive back and forth! 

Without my wonderful family - this wouldn't have been possible!  I owe my father, uncle, cousins, sisters, and brother in laws a world of thanks!  They helped build my family a home.