Last night I had a really good night.

I painted some furniture for a client of Ethel Edith.  Then, while painting the chairs turquoise I some how painted Trudie's whiskers turquoise too.  Poor Trudie still has hot pink in her hair from this same clients last chair I painted.  Good thing she has such a colored personality - the paint works on her!

(Sorry for the cell phone pics!)

Jade worked pretty late & when he got home the kids were thrilled!  He did a few twist & jump high fives with Aubrie - that cracks me up that he was like heck yeah - I'll jump, spin, and high five all in one with my daughter.  Then he did a bit of kid tossing - which gets Everett laughing so hard.  It terrifies Aubrie, so Everett is the only kid we toss around here.

Then, after dinner, I gave Aubrie a bath.  She seized the moment & she asked if when she gets big if she'll have a butt just like mine.  Boy for her sake - I sure hope not!!  It's better than a pancake butt, but since having my kids it has decided to chase me around full-time - you'd think it would get tired of running after me all day!