Obviously when Jade & I combined our gene pool - something went wrong in the creation of Aubrie...

She starts swimming lessons on Monday.  This required prescription swim goggles.  Can you even imagine trying to swim when you can't see a foot in front of you - scary thought isn't it!  They didn't have her prescription so we rounded down from her +5.75 to a +5 in each eye.  Then, to protect her ear tubes we had to get her a hot pink Ear Bandit & ear plugs.  So a whopping $55 later, she's ready to learn to swim!  Add another $25 a week for swim lessons and you quickly realize she's definitely our high maintenance child!  Then the bonus - Aubrie has her annual eye exam June 7th so we'll be purchasing her next pair of frames - me oh my the money is flying out this month!

*See how HUGE his eyes are from the prescription!!*

Little did I know that prescription swim goggles would be a huge hit at our house!  A huge fight quickly ensued so I had to allow Everett to try on the goggles as well.  It's a wonder he didn't run into a wall because I also tried them on and wowsers my daughters eyes are bad!  In return, I had to promise to purchase him a pair of regular swim goggles.  His will be coming from Wally World!