Ok - it's official.  I have won the coolest Mom ever award from Miss Aubrie Grace.  In honor of Mother's Day (and the fact that she won two pairs of earrings from Tamar) we got her ears pierced!)

(Not the best picture ever - I know - sorry!)

She was sooo nervous before they pierced them.  She had that look on her face like I really want to bawl, but I'm trying to be brave.  She shed no tears and even after they were pierced she seemed a bit freaked out for several minutes.  She got over that FAST!  Then, she proudly showed off her rainbow flower earrings to Maggie & Mom.  She was THRILLED to say the least & the entire family met the new earrings at the Mother's Day cookout at our house.  She's getting so big so fast - blows my mind!  This morning first thing she said was - "Are my ears still pierced?!"

In total Aubrie fashion she did embarrass me at the jewelry counter.  Her Grandma RuRu told her that boys only get one ear pierced with one earring - nice I know!  Well that may have been the case in the 90's, but now guys get both ears pierced all the time & wear huge plugs - this is common.  So we walk up to the jewelry counter to this totally straight guy - and Aubrie says it..."Grandma RuRu said that boys only get one earring in one ear - why does he have two earrings in BOTH ears?!?"  Nice!  So I had to explain to her that her grandma isn't always right & pray the guy didn't hear her!