Aubrie adores my Mom.  Although lately she has confused the word with attracted.  Aubrie is now attracted to my Mom, she is also attracted to Trudie.  I believe this goes back to learning about magnets at preschool & how they attract to things.  In any case we've been explaining that "attracted" is absolutely the wrong word!  It cracks me up every time though!

You haven't seen this beauty without her glasses have you!

So she moved on.  She's not attracted to my Mom anymore.  Now she likes my Mom more than love.  Isn't that so sweet.  She thinks she is the most clever little girl ever and most days - I have to agree :)

Also, I am out of blogging steam lately.  If you have a question - want to learn more about me, my family, my house - please post it so I get back into blogging on a more timely manner!