Bladder where art thou?  (Just an FYI - if you don't like bladder talk - X out of this screen immediately!)

Why can I not sneeze without holding my crotch and crossing my legs at the same time?  (Mind you I'm one of those at least 3 sneezes in a row kind of girls!)

Why can I no longer jump for fear of wetting myself?  I'd love to see a trampoline again, but what would happen?

Why do I have to worry about laughing too hard with my friends if I need to pee?

Why must my beautiful, precious babies have ruined my bladder for life?

I was 23 when it struck.  I brought this gorgeous 7 pound 12 ouncer home with me and said goodbye to my bladder.  She slightly ruined my ability to hold my urine.

But I believe it was this hunky chunk is the one that really did it to me.

All 8 pounds 11 ounces of sweet Ma obsessed son-shine :)

So I ponder, if I had a 3rd child (which gauging the size of my kids and my personal birth weight of 9 pounds 15 ounces - I really may deliver quite the 9+ pound chunk) would I be forced to wear a Poise pad daily?