Boy - you guys are lucky!  Lately I fixed up my kids/guest bathroom to give you guys a tour.  Now it's the laundry room you want to check out!

My laundry room is right off my garage.  It's painted a bright monarch orange - which is often teasingly called my Tide room.

It's not a huge room, but this is where all my dirt comes out.  I have a normal washer & dryer.  I would have LOVED a fancy colored front loading set when we were building, but we have to be realistic...  The big joke here is all the brackets Jade put up for the shelf - there are actually 5 - that's right he thought a lot of weight would be up there apparently!

The little cabinet holds all my paper towels & Kleenex boxes.  I go get groceries & supplies every 2 weeks so I always stock up!  Up here is y dog collection.  It's kind of funny in a laundry room and that's why I like it.

This little bin is the same as the one up high, but it's PERFECT!

See that - the door swings open and ta da - shoes!

Behind the door we have our coat rack for all the stuff we're using daily.  It's handy!

Mom gave me the rug, and of course it matches perfectly in here.  So there you go - our laundry room. 

Geez - what do you guys want to see next?