Well, my husband is at it again.  Later this month he has his Illinois professional land surveying exam.  It's a really big deal and he's been studying for it big time.  Pray for us that he does extremely well!

When he gets done, he has but one request...a new project.  Something just for him.  Well - keeping true to the man he is, he wants to build our much talked about, but only talked about theater room.

Right now this part of the basement is unfinished & holds Ethel Edith - so that is another project - where will Ethel Edith go?

So last week, I went to the local junk store & scored 2 1970's couches for $35 each.  My plan is for Jade to build tiered platforms for these couches to sit on for a viewing area.  I believe I need one or two more couches still, in the gold & olive green tones so everything goes together.  My idea is a very 1970's funky lounge - weird I know - but again I'm very eclectic so it will work!  I already have the most fabulous orangy red color picked out and I'm praying the couches go with it, but hey weren't the 70's all about burnt orange with golds and olives - I think it will work. 

One of the couches.
So, don't hold your breath on when this is completed - we're going to do it as we can afford it - giant TVs aren't cheap, but if you see something totally 1970's that you think is God ugly - let me know - I'll probably dig it!