OK so sometime last year Jade insisted we needed a piano.  He was obsessed with the idea of it.  So luckily I convinced him that we could get a used Craig's List piano.  This one was around $300 I believe.  Much better than the brand new one he was really wanting.

You see - my Jade is very musically inclined.  He should be - he's really talented.  He used to be lead singer of a band called Welfare Christmas - I know hilarious right!  He also could play the guitar quite well and oh he'd make the ladies melt when he sang.  So hilarious looking back - if only I could upload those old family videos on here for you!  Me - not so much.  So he has big dreams of piano practicing kids that are uber talented, but we'll see.  Everett has a chance - that boy can sing - Aubrie I believe takes after her Ma.

In the meantime I want to paint this piano.  You know me - wood is not my thing.  I've seen others painted & I believe I should do it.  So what color?  I adore red, but is that nuts?  Or should I do classic white - not really me, but it'd go with everything.  Mom votes some type of leopard print - which I love animal print, but I really don't know about that.  It's extreme for even me.  What do you think?

PS - I still have the piano bench, but Mom and I kind of liked the look of mismatched chairs instead.  Is it practical?  I have no idea - I don't play!