My kitchen island deserved it's own post.  It's seriously the best thing in my house.  It's very special to me.  We found it for $325 at a juried antique show in Arthur, IL.  Jade & I were just ecstatic about this piece.  This is exciting because Jade never goes junking with me, nor is he ever overly excited about the random things I bring home.  But this baby - he prized it alongside me!

Don't you just love the front of this thing!!  Yes - that's the business right there!

It really sets off the tone for our entire house.  The top of it is just to die for - I really swoon over this piece!  It was just the perfect size for my kitchen!

It has amazing kelly greenish paint that is mixed with a celery green and white - chippy paint I adore! 

It used to be an old store counter in the late 1800's.  The entire left side is rebuilt, and you can tell it if you look really closely, but the man who rebuilt was a genious - you'd never know it unless I told you first.  The back is open so it perfectly stores the garbage can and other things like potatoes and onions.  We put up a small curtain to hide the ugliness, but it's still convenient.

I hope you adore it like I do!  So remember - if you ever go to a juried antique show - yes things are pricey, but it's worth the money to have a few pieces in your home that are just awesome finds!