OK - I've noticed a talent I have. 

It's probably not a good talent.  I realized the other day as I was giving a presentation - it's more like a recorded power point presentation.  So I have a script & I read from it.  I realized as I was reading - my mind was wandering.  It wasn't focused on the words, but some how I was doing the two independently.

There I sat talking about purchasing, but really worrying about my Uncle.

I've noticed I do it when I read books to my kids.  I am talking about Llama Llama, but really I'm planning my next day or a grocery list.  Then, I think holy cow - how am I doing this?!?  This is amazing! 

Then, I realize - oh my God I'm doing it again!!  I do it CONSTANTLY!

So is this weird, or can you all do this too and no one speaks of it?