I just had to share this with you.  I keep thinking of this and laughing over and over.

Saturday at the auction I mentioned there was quite the crowd.

If you were lacking teeth & chose not to wear your teeth - you were out and about.  If you like to wear white pants in ankle deep much - you were out.  If you like flip flops in ankle deep much - you were also out.  If you like to wear a suit - yes that's right a man's dress suit - in ankle deep mud - you were out. 

The possibilities here were endless.  I have photos to prove it.  That's right - if you had on embarrassing apparel - I snapped your photo from the chest down!

However, my personal favorite from the day was the man in head to toe camo.  My sisters and I were standing by a pile - guarding the loot we wanted to bid on when the auction truck would roll up.  Then, up walked camo man.  He was so decked out in the camo - Maggie didn't even see him! 

This is Maggie - she's goofy & cracks me up!

He then insisted on stepping between Maggie (she wasn't about to move) and the loot in that 1' wide area - only to do a moon landing to her! 

Now if you watch Modern Family you are with me.  A moon landing is a butt tap with a fellow person.  So basically the camo man moon landed or - high fived her butt with his own.  I totally had to look away and shake laugh silently - perfect!

It was legendary in every sense of the word.  I keep thinking of it and I'm laughing again!  My sisters & I had so much fun at that auction.  We laughed until I cried many times during the day.  Saturday was the kind of day that made us want to start Ethel Edith together.  A perfect sisters day with the inclusion of my husband - who they consider their real brother because Mag's was 9 when he came around.  It doesn't get any better than that!