Apologies in advance for the huge post...and the weird coloring of my walls - I am forced to take pictures at night - it's not pretty friends!

My living room is where we constantly hang out.  My kids have their most favorite recliners in the center of the room & it's where I spend a majority of my time when I'm not in the kitchen.

My TV cabinet was given to me from my Mom.  Isn't it amazing!  It's again very old - 1800's I believe.  My Mom will leave details in the comments because she's the one who originally scored it.  The left side has a shelf behind the door so it hides a bunch of toys & the right side keeps all the blankets - we're blanket people.  On the wall to the left are vintage eye charts I bought on Ebay long before I had kids.  I love them!  Now that we know about Aubrie's vision - they are even more perfect for my family.  There is my really expensive leather chair - it's the color I said I'd always love, and as you can see something about the color is just not right - or maybe it's just me.  Maybe it's the orange of the table, but somethings off for me.  Perhaps it's just not bright enough - a limey green would be more my style now!  (After taking this photo I couldn't stand the dreamsicle orange with the olive green so I moved it to be an end table by the very dark chocolate couch & put a brighter orange stool here instead - much better!)

Look at that finish!  Did you pass out over it?  It's fabulous I know.  It also perfectly hides my two babies when they take out all the toys!

The top of it has some eclectic finds.  My favorite are these big headlights made into lamps.  I believe they all still work.  They are from 3rd Sunday Market.  I also have a little tripod up there for Jade - it's meant to hold a candle, but I'm not doing that - I like it as a tripod for the surveyor in my life. 

To the right of my massive TV cabinet was an awkward space.  It wouldn't fit a chair that was of the right scale so I found a different solution.  This little cabinet was just hanging out all alone in my Mom's storage shed & I thought PERFECT!  What you don't see is all the shelves inside of this thing.  They hold a majority of the children's books & puzzles.  We have gobs and gobs of books - we're a big book family - so this thing was just ideal.  Everett also likes to swing the door open to the left & he can perfectly hide between it and the TV cabinet.  The hanging lamp was on clearance from Pier 1 - cheap cheap!  I got the For Sale sign for $5 at 3rd Sunday Market.  The metal bin was also in Mom's storage shed & I fell in love with it.  Something about industrial items always gets me.  I dig rust!

Isn't the age of this baby great!  The hardware is pretty cool too!

This is another awkward space in my house.  Between a couch and a love seat - a fat chair just looked ridiculous.  So I found this saw horse type thing for $75 at 3rd Sunday Market.  I loved it.  Then I left it and shopped on, thinking I'd love something more, but I kept thinking of it the entire day.  Thank the good lord it didn't sell & I went back - and it came home with me.  The cow print was painted by Maggie & Kylie - it's a copy of CB2 and I love it.  I also love the rusty old tool boxes on top of this thing.  It's amazing I haven't had tetanus yet with all the rust!

Aren't the legs & aged top of this thing cool.  I'm so glad it's mine!

This little cabinet was a gift.  It was made out of old crates.  It's very cool the middle piece flips down & it's like a mini desk with all kinds of cubbies inside.  It's pretty fabulous too!

More old paint and a crystal knob- LOVE it!

More favorite things will be shown tomorrow!