Today is a special day.  Today my sister Abbie & my Mom share a birthday.  I used to think this probably sucked.  But now that I'm a Mom, I think it would be a wonderful gift to deliver a precious baby on your birthday and to share that together for the rest of your life.

Abbie is officially old.  Well not that old, but she's 25, so that makes her mid-20's old.

(Please note Dad fist pumping in the background.  I'm not sure what he's really doing, but I think he's fist pumping to Abbie - a job well done!)

Here is Abbie right after her graduation from chiropractic college.  She's officially a doctor, and she loves fixing spines and necks.  She's really good at it - and speaking of it - I need adjusted.  She has really strong hands, and she never gives me the massages I truly deserve - even though I try to get them regularly!

I don't see my sister nearly enough lately.  She's been very busy with her trailer renovation & my crazy kids just don't work well around staples and razor knives.  Abbie is one of my best friends.  We used to fight like crazy & we were brutal to each other as kids.  Hair pulling, slapping - the whole 9 yards - it's amazing Mom put up with us!  Then, we grew up and grew into great friends.  We lived together in college and she was one of my best roommates ever.  Mom's particularness about her home - definitely rubbed off onto my sister & I.  It was nice to share the same ideas in our shared home.  I honestly think we were both surprised at how good of friends we became that semester.  It was a great decision we made to spend that time together.  Abbie & I are just 3 years apart in age and we can get each other laughing pretty hard in our ridiculousness.  I typically laugh until I cry...I love that!  I'm proud to call Abbie my sister & adore her - stupid in a good way - personality.

Now, onto my Mom.  My Mom is an amazing lady.  I don't brag her up nearly as much as I should. 

She too is one of my best friends.  I have always gotten along fairly well with my Mom, but when I went to college at 18 - I realized how great she really was.  She'd go out of her way to help you if you ever needed her.  Thanks to her - I don't think I bought Aubrie clothes until she was 3.  Every time a season would change - Mom would show up after a shopping trip & spare me the trouble.  She's extremely giving - and she loves to shop smart!  Even with three grand babies their baskets overflow for every holiday - their Easter baskets were extreme - I love her for that!

She taught us girls the importance of working hard.  She stayed home with us, but took pride in everything she did.  We always had a ridiculously clean house, it was nicely decorated, & we always had big farm dinners as a family at night.  I will never forget getting home from school and having the furniture always being rearranged.  I'll also never forget the day Mom found Abbie's half eaten chicken leg behind the couch - that's so funny I'm cracking up thinking about it!  She'd always be shocked & appalled at the filthiness of her children!  (Because of incidents like this - Dad always swore one day he couldn't wait to come to our homes & crap on the floor & wipe his butt on our curtains - thankfully he has forgotten & hasn't seen this statement through!  Now that I have kids - I realize why he used to joke about this!)

She taught me creativity.  How to look beyond that hideous $5 rummage sale table to see the potential within it.  She has always helped me decorate.  When she babysits she'll pull out my tubs and builds new displays that surprise me when I come home.  Some people may not like this - but I love it about her!  It's very thoughtful, and she's so darn good.  I'm still learning so my displays always need the Mom tweak when they are done.  She constantly has great ideas on things to improve my house - and it's so helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  Not only do I appreciate it, but so do my babies.  Aubrie & Everett love to decorate and clean because of their time with her!

She also taught me thriftiness.  I know how to get jewelry at Family Dollar and how to pare it with a Wal-Mart shirt to look trendy (thanks to Miley Cyrus this is easier to do now - however her shirts run extremely small!).  This was so important in a farming family.  Unfortunately, money never did grow on Stu Appleseed's trees!

I could literally go on and on about my Mom.  She's very witty & hilarious.  She's also very smart!  Oh and I've went on and on about my Dad, but this lady loves my Dad in return just as much.  They are quite the team.  I'm blessed to have parents that are still madly in love with each other - this is rare anymore.

Oh last, but definitely not least - I saw my Mom become a Grandma.  She's one amazing Grandma.  My kids adore her & she is so caring to donate her time into babysitting them.  I always wish I could be at home with my kids, but I can't - so having her there 2 days a week with them is the best gift she could ever give me.  My kids are smart, caring, and so hilarious because of the time they spend with her.  She's an excellent influence.  (Grandma Ruby - my mother in law - is there the other 2 days and she also is fabulous for my kids!)

So I'll stop now.  I love you Mom.  I know I'm not good about putting it down in a card - so I'll share it with all of blogland.  I'm proud you are my Mom and even more proud that you are my friend.

Now - Mom - start a blog - & let's celebrate!