I don't think I've ever posted my kids' bathroom for you guys.  Probably because I didn't really like it.  Here is how it was.  Yes, it was cute.  But it wasn't me at all.  The shower curtain I got on clearance before we moved & Abbie painted the animals on canvases for me.

From the day we moved in, it basically never changed.

It was babyish, and good for kids, but just not me.  Besides, this is the bathroom off the living room.  So it's not just for kids - all our guests use this bathroom.  It needed to be updated badly!

What's funny is everyone that comes into my house LOVES this paint color, it's my least favorite.  I wish it was either a really limey green or a charcoal - not sure which.

Don't tell Jade, but we will probably repaint it this summer after the big Ethel Edith show.  I will be thrilled when it's bold and matches the rest of my house!

Oh and for the canvases - I have a BIG canvas that Abbie is going to paint my family of 4 with long skinny necks like this one she made for my Mom of us girls.

I LOVE this painting!  Then I want to have her paint my two dogs on their own individual smaller canvases to flank the big family one.  It will be hysterical and PERFECT in my living room!

Stay tuned for my afters - I redecorated & I LOVE it.  Shockingly my kids think it's just amazing now.  Even Everett said "Wow!"  Aubrie just can't get over it - says it's a big girl bathroom &  she asked if she can take showers now!  Ha - she didn't realize she could take them before!