I'm breaking the rules - two posts today!

Dear friends - my Saturday was just awesome!

My sisters & I (even Jade tagged along!) went to Ramsey, IL for the biggest city wide sales in Central Illinois.

Imagine - instead of rummage sales all over town - people bring all their stuff downtown & auctioneers sell it all.  There were at least 8 auction trucks if not more - I have no idea how many were over at the farm machinery and  automotive sides of the sales.  It was hard to keep up with where the good loot was and when it was getting sold.

It was muddy - is an understatement - it poured the night before and the morning of so it was quite muddy.  Lots of muck boots & skin tight chest waders were out and about.  Apparently chest waders were needed for the rare occasion you find a mud puddle that big!

We loaded up two trucks - and rode home like the Clampetts. 

It was legendary!
(again if you love How I Met Your Mother - you are feeling me here!)

*More pictures & stories to come*