Lately I have been thinking about doing something.

The problem is, I can't decide what.

When I was 18 - I blatantly defied Jade.  I got a tattoo.

He said if I got a tattoo he'd break up with me.  I got one anyway and  ha - he married me the crazy boy!  So at 18, I got Todd from The Fox & The Hound on my lower back on the right side.  Just his head, which now is kind of dumb - should have been all of him, but oh well I can't see it and it's still cute.

My maiden name is Fox.  Several male cousins have Fox tattoos so it made sense for me.  I am proud of my last name and where I'm from. 

Anyway, now I think I'd kind of like a really feminine tattoo on the top of my foot for my kids.  I can't figure out what though - quite the dilemma.  So if you have any fabulous ideas - please share!