OK I need some opinions.

To give you an idea, our master bedroom is off a small hallway off the kitchen & living room.  Our bathroom is then off our bedroom & then we have a separate toilet room.  It's in the very back corner of the bedroom.  It literally is a small room with a toilet & a door.

When you open the door - these signs are behind the door to the right.  They are hidden for the most part, but are hysterical.  Seriously - Danger - Do Not Enter Without Wearing Goggles so applies to some of the bombs my husband is dropping.

Anyway, I feel that they are kind of lost in here.  The door is always open so they are hidden behind that door.  The only time you see them is if you shut the door and use our master bathroom.  Where should I put them?  Should I redo our feminine pink bathroom into manly signs - would that be hilarious to have a manly pink bathroom - or should I put these in my laundry room?

This baby is in full view - I don't know why I love it.  You can get this print everywhere, but I do.  Probably the old history major within me.

This is the toilet.  That's hilarious that I just posted my toilet on here, but Abbie made me some amazing bathroom art.  I then brought in some turquoise with the magazine rack.  After seeing this picture - I need to ditch the mouth vase & elephant.  They were funny at one time, but don't really jive in here now.  I like night lamps in my house - I always leave them on - I'm not green - sorry - so that's why the leopard lamp is in here.  It seems out of place, but I have a leopard rug & leopard shower curtain & zebra prints in the main bathroom area.  That sounds hideous when I typed it, but it's really great.  So the lamp does go along with the overall theme.

So what do you think?  Do these signs deserve the spotlight somewhere else?